Monday, 16 January 2012

Review On Loreal Paris Sheer Cashmere Foundation

Hi Bloggers!My today's review is about a foundation bcoz i think its the most important part of once a days i am using LOREAL SHEER CASHMERE FOUNDATION.its come in a jar and in a tube.i think jar has more amount of foundation than has a melting cream texture that transforms itself into a silky powder finish for a soft touch and makes it easy to apply.A little amount gives you so much coverage after applying this i feel my skin is two percent more complexion is more matt and even.not as such need to use powder and the most good thing about it is that it stays up to 12 hours.its great for all the skin types.i really suggest you to try this and tell me your opinion about this foundation.
A close up of jar:-
A look from inside:-

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  1. I used it..but didn't find it that good!! :(