Tuesday, 3 April 2012

good goodschinaonline

Beauties, here we are going on! Join the new GIVEAWAY!
In this giveaway, we are going to choose 11 lucky fans at random, of whom the first prize will receive a PROM DRESS as reward and the rest ten are to get an accessory, bag, or wig for free. The following is what you’re to do:
1. Register at: http://www.goodgoodschina.com/customer/account/login/
to be a member of GGC if you are still not now;
2. Like the page.Post this message on your face book & blog, inform your friends & fans of this activity. Hope your fans will like it and participate in it.
3. Leave your link here as a comment, so that we can choose final winners.
Come on, dear beauties! SHARE IT, win the reward & enjoy yourself!

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