Friday, 18 May 2012

Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community is Back With a Tag "Introduce Yourself"

1.Your Full Name? Ayesha Zaheer 2. Your Date of Birth? 13th of September 3. Your Blog's name? ALL FOR BEAUTY AND FASHION LOVERS 4. Your profession? I am working in a school as a teacher 5. Where are you from? City/Country. I belongs to Faisalabad Pakistan 6. Who is your favorite Pakistani and a non-Pakistani beauty blogger - who inspires you the most? I like all the Pakistani beauty blogger but my most favorite one's are rk's beauty & fashion blog,beauteous blog,sadeestyle beauty blog and sahrish adeel's blog and in non Pakistani bloggers I like Elle,Blair,Dulce and tiffany 7. What made you to start blogging? Exciting reviews and giveaways 8. Since when are you blogging? Since 2012 9. Your favorite past time? Using face book,reading reviews about beauty products and watching makeup tutorials on youtube 10. Your 5 favorite beauty products and brands? There are so many of them but most of them are from L'Oreal,MUA,Luscious,Maybelline and Rimmal 11. A beauty tip that you would like to give others? I think a person should always be in their own style it looks always good and graceful either then copy any one else 12. What is the BEST thing about blogging? You will come to know about likes,dislikes,good and bad experiences of unknow people and by blogS i feel i have a connection with them 13. What's your Fashion style that describes YOU? Up to date,stylish,fashionable yet simple 14. How would you describe your makeup style? For me less is more i mostly go for fresh looking face.A nude or brown eye shadows with a thin liner a pink or peachy blush and some gloss for my lips 15. Any advice for fellow bloggers and the new girls? NO'I am so younger to give advice to my fellow bloggers all are doing great job.every thing they do is so helpful and informative for the beginners and for new girls i would like to say its a really nice platform to tell the world what you think about stay blessed every one and

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